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As you already know, I’m an Author and also a Narrator, so you can find all of my AudioBooks (thus far) here. You will find my DEMO’S for your convenience to trial, some helpful resources and you can even purchase items here. I’ve loaded the ELECTRONIC downloads links and made available the means to purchase my C.D’s Internationally! So what are you waiting for? AudiobooksNow - Digital Audiobooks for Less

TITANIC REVISITED: Written by Sylvester Murray, (Narrated by Ian King).

A love poem, along with a photograph was found in a bottle entangled in a clump of seaweed on a sandy beach. It was discovered by a surfer in Meadow Lane, Southampton, New York. David Hamilton, a young teenage surfer, and his girlfriend were walking along the beach and found the French letter handwritten . . . Was this truly a discovery from an era long past and written by the hand of a true gentleman, whom lost everything in the worst disaster of recent history?

Titanic Revisited AudioBook: Sample. Narrated by Ian King from Ian King on Vimeo.

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This is a Dramatic AudioBook - Warning, contents may disturb some listeners.
Morgan, an early settler, is finding it hard to fit into their new community along with his wife and teenage daughter Suzie. And during his fortnightly visit into town, he learns that it will only get harder as the winds of winter blow in upon them. Travel with Morgan and his daughter into the sick society he did not suspect dwelled so close to them within these cold, lonely mountains. They soon discover that the 'All-hallows-eve' celebrations play an all-encompassing part in this new society, a part that may be too powerful for him and his family to overcome. Will they survive, or will they pass away into history like so many others before them?

Origins Halloween Dramatic 10 minutes AudioBook DEMO by Ian King from Ian King on Vimeo.

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Two young cousins embark on an adventure, full with story telling, great foods and ghost haunting's. Heart-beats rise and minds rage as strange noises are heard out side their tent. What is wandering around, sniffing their sanctuary and threatening their safety? Will they even survive to see the morning sunrise again? Follow the boys into a journey of discovery where the learn that all is not what it seems. This also includes my Bonus Short Story: 'Any Blood Idiot!'

Graveyard Hill Demo from Ian King on Vimeo.

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ALEXANDER TURTLE III: Written by Sylvester Murray, (Narrated by Ian King).

A children's story about being born and the challenge of staying alive, facing ridicule, pain and sadness . . . but finally triumph! It is seen and felt through the eyes of a turtle.


This is a FLASH FICTION type of story - short, sharp and to the point and it is a story that everyone needs to hear! It relates to everyone and may even save some peoples lives. So, because of this, I've made it free, and I encourage everyone to get a copy!


Any Bloody Idiot - Short Story by Ian King from Ian King on Vimeo.

It is a fact that more people are killed every year because of Drinking and Driving, than all of those souls that were killed during the whole Vietnam War.

NIGHT OF THE WOLF: Written by Victor Pemberton.

This is a quirky thing and so I couldn't resist sharing it . . . If you search my name IAN KING on then this book will also come up as one of my works; however, sadly it is not. But why not enjoy it anyway?

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