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Gotta Love AudioBooks!

As an author, I try to create my own writings into audiobooks — yet, I don’t know of many other authors (personally) who seem interested in this new, unreached audience. This new audience is HUGE! Take people who are blind, or the elderly that either can’t hold a book upright for the weight of it, or their vision is impaired . . . READ MORE.

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Here is 'food for thought, and food for thinking:'

If you haven’t already hit a speed–bump in your life, then you might just be heading for one! What do I mean? Just this . . . we have created an amazing paradigm in today’s society. We’ve found a new way to starve ourselves while still eating! In-fact – over ¾ of us starve while overeating!
This is our desperate attempt to get the nutrients’ we need to function! We also face ever increasing stress and corporate pressures at levels that society has never before faced in all of history! Read more . . .

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Dealing with Miscarriage — A Fathers Story:

People consider the mother who has lost their unborn child and are usually very kind, helpful and supportive; but what about the father of the lost-child?

Is the father often overlooked? Is he even considered; is he suffering in any way like the mother is? These are hard questions and very nearly unfathomable as a father has a complete, different experience to the mother, but in some strange way, a similar one too. Read more . . . HERE:

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One Night With a Deaf Girl:

Have you ever tried to talk with someone who cannot speak? Someone whose first language is … sign language? It can be an unusual experience … but a lot of fun too.

Here I was at a local dance, with a friend. I was dressed as a cowboy – don’t ask me why. My friend happened to have another friend and her name was Julie. She was cute, a smiler and shy. . . and also deaf. My friend introduced me to Julie and she gave me one of those sweet smiles that can unarm any single guy, and I was defenceless. Read more . . . HERE:

Create Market Openings by Combining Multiple Businesses Strategies:

What can you do to obtain financial freedom; even on a small-scale? Here are some ideas you may not have considered. These will not exhaust your capital, so long as you start somewhere, and make the necessary adjustments as you go, you will get there.

Begin with a list of skills and attributes you already have; are you a writer, or grammar ninja? Are you brilliant with numbers and data-entry? How about your creative side... Read more . . . HERE:

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Surviving Redundancy:

There are few that have been made redundant more than twice, that is the average statistics of redundancies over a lifetime of working. And you are not likely to meet someone who has been made redundant three times, in two years!

But here I am, that is what has happened to me. So if you need any advice from someone about how to survive during these traumatic experiences, I qualify.

So you’ve received your final notice, how do you feel? Ripped off, angry, frightened? Do you feel like your work place bosses haven’t been honest with you, or are they there as well, next to you. Are they trying to ‘hook up’ for government support also: until you both get back onto your feet? Read more . . . HERE:

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